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Integrated Marketing Communication: Make It All Sing

The number one reason you can’t hire an intern or someone fresh out of school to handle all of your communication is because they simply do not have the life experience to know the impact of choosing one wrong word - it can destroy a company. For us, integrated marketing communications isn’t just about making sure all of the same buzzwords are on the magazine ad and the banners. It’s about paying careful attention to the impact of the words, visuals, and sounds that you share as a company will make on ALL of your audiences. And yes, you have more than one. Let us give you a free rundown of who those audiences are, and how you may not be reaching them all with your current integrated marketing communications strategy.

Branding / Identity Development

Branding is everything. And branding is the hardest investment to quantify.  Branding is what drives the emotional connection portion of a purchase, and branding is the reason that companies seemingly rise to the top out of nowhere. Creating brand goes far beyond a logo and some letterhead. It really does require understanding the heart and personality of the stakeholders, leaders, workers, and products within a company – including the embarrassing pieces that most want to hide. We work with the finest branding firms in the world. And you own the products they’ve branded. That alone should qualify us to help drive your brand.

Message Mappping

Message mapping is the methodology you utilize to communicate your value proposition to outside forces. Creating the various messages, the verbal and non-verbal components, and how they all work together, is the message map that should drive all of your communications. Our team works with your stakeholders, your agency of record, and your internal team responsible for communications, and help drive a living set of communications and messaging standards that will drive ROI and brand position.

Integrated Advertising and Marketing Plans

Successful online sites have organic marketing plans that support them. Online marketing plans shouldn’t just consist of what keywords to buy on Google, or what Facebook ads will reach your target audience. Online advertising and marketing plans are only great if they are also considerate of your traditional advertising and marketing plans. Our team does not believe that the Internet will eradicate traditional advertising. In fact, for some clients, it performs better. Now, don’t go tell anyone else in the digital space that – they may cry.