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Public Relations: Meet The Press

Brands are both created and maintained (and sometimes destroyed) through public relations. While some only think of PR as the act of getting you onto TV and into magazines, we believe that is only a small portion (media relations) of the overall public relations strategy.

For us, public relations are about how you engage with your public, not just the media. Our PR plans take into consideration not only your press releases and media lists, but also your overall communications plan that ties into multiple channels of delivery. While we do excellent pitching that has landed our clients in every major outlet in the world, we really believe that the best PR firms think bigger than that.

We create amazing press kits that tie into direct sales and direct marketing plans. Additionally, we also manage special events, celebrity gifting, media tours and the like. We believe that having an office in NYC gives us an edge over many regional PR firms. Having staff in the same city as the national publications and broadcasters allows us to easily conduct on-site media tours and briefings. And these things matter whether you are a national or local client. (Remember: your customer doesn’t just read the local paper at night.) You are likely looking for fancy logos of the media that we’ve gained for clients. Let’s put it this way: if there’s a major media outlet, whether it be TV or magazine, we’ve landed it for a client. Yes, our clients have been on Oprah (so has our founder) and yes, they frequently get on the Today Show. (Wasn't that really what you wanted to know?)

Rather than simply adopting the approach of traditional PR firms that charge a retainer to write a release and then puts it out on a wire in hopes of it being picked up by someone. We employ a more active approach. Our public relations plans focus on developing relationships with editors both offline and online, as well as taking an active approach in pitching out-of-the-box stories, special interest editorial, and general press coverage that is consistently geared towards building sales.  Our plans also include extensive media lists (that we don’t hold hostage from you,) tracking, and integrated marketing concepts that help with your bottom line.

Our team has built relationships with the media over many years. We don’t just pull them from a media list subscription service like everyone else; we actually talk with the media and analysts and read what they produce. We are one of the few firms that still does desk-side pitches. And yes, we’ve successfully pitch via Twitter.  Regardless of the channel, we get our clients connected with media.

Media Training

Being ready for interviews and being comfortable on camera goes far beyond some talking points provided by your corporate communications department. True media training gets you prepared for interviews with the press (or other public events.) Our clients master their message and project the appropriate appearance. Our team has trained some of the people that you see regularly on TV, and have also trained C-level executives that want to make a better impression to their shareholders, influencers, or friends.

Crisis Management Communication

Let’s face it; none of us want to think about dealing with a crisis that could affect our company, our stakeholders, or our public perception. But it does happen, even to the best of companies and leaders - our job is to help mitigate the damage that a crisis can do to your short and long-term bottom line. We can help with crisis management before, during, or after an incident. We can also work with your corporate communications department to set up a crisis management plan that coincides with your other communications so that you are better armed in case something terrible happens.