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Social Media: Connect with Your Audience

Social media is a myriad of online tools and platforms that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. Social media can take many different forms including text, images, audio, and video. While many think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Pinterest as the extent of social media, we feel that interactions with your stakeholders, customers, and potential buyers extend far beyond these social networks. And we also feel that social media, while a part of all integrated marketing mixes, may not be the replacement for your more traditional efforts.

Most agencies, brands, and people miss the most vital part of social media: the social. If your strategy consists of repurposing advertising and marketing materials into tweets and Facebook posts, then you truly aren’t getting the benefits of authentic social media engagement. Most companies are caught in the trap of doing so much work but without the results.

We offer social media services such as:

  • Listening campaigns
  • Reputation and brand analysis reports
  • Social media content development
  • Social media management
  • Social media training
  • Social media policy creation
  • Social media compliance
  • Social media monitoring and analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis communication in the digital arena
  • Social media plan review and consulting
  • Social media planning
  • Comment marketing
  • Social media contests and promotions

Let our team, who has been doing social media for over 10 years (individually, not as a combined number of years and well before any of you heard of it, quite frankly,) educate you on the differences between social media bastardization, and social media engagement.

Social Media Setup/Optimization

Contrary to what many believe, there is an optimum way to set up your profiles in social media. Each social network has their own nuances that can affect you much like search engine optimization. Moreover, setting up your profiles incorrectly can later come with great losses; some of them irreparable. (For example: losing your Facebook fanpage and all of its fans, because you were in violation of their terms of use when your intern or college student set up your fan page.)

We can help you with the creation and optimization of your social networks, your blogs, your publishing hubs, and everything else you need in social media. We can also help you connect all of the channels in the right way so that you are optimizing your content: saving you time, and gaining you visibility. Ask any good SEO expert and they will tell you that this piece is vital to your overall success in social media.

Social Media Management

“I don’t have time to mess around in social media.”

Unfortunately, folks can take advantage of technical ignorance. Often we find most people aren’t doing the social media work they are being paid eight hours a day to do.  That’s where we come in.  We can help you create, manage, monitor, and report on all social channels as well as the conversations happening across the web.  Whether you have an existing team or not, we can help manage your social media on a daily basis, and help you determine where your efforts are paying off, and where they can be improved upon or abandoned. This makes the most out of your resources, challenges your team and significantly improves your social media presence.

Social Media Training

We do not believe that social media has to be outsourced any more than we believe that social media can be handled by the youngest person in the company by default. Social media is an ever-changing way of engaging. It had new properties, rules, social nuances, and even regulations that can change on a weekly basis. Many companies have found value in our social media training services that empower teams to keep social media management internal, while reinforcing corporate teams with agency social media experts. We offer half-day, full-day, and weeklong classes for teams from one to 3,000 employees.

We also offer a temp-to-hire style of social media managed professionals that are specific to your account, equipped with compliance training, and monthly educational support to ensure they are always on top of their game. This works well for the company that is growing an internal social media customer service team, but doesn’t have time to hire or train social media professionals that tend to have a high-turnover mentality.

Social Media Policy and Prodcedure

Your general counsel does not necessarily deliver the best social media policy. Neither does your HR Manager that did a Google Search and “borrowed” policy from some of the best companies out there.  Great social media policy and procedure takes into account corporate communications needs, internal auditing and controls, risk management, and real examples of compliance issues that could and have happened specific to YOUR industry.

And here’s something to really think about: most fines and lawsuits that fall into the social media category are associated with behaviors that in no way violate the company’s social media policy. Nor are they typically egregious efforts. They are simple mistakes that are made because no one ever explained the tiny missteps that can be done on a social network that can bring an entire company to it’s knees.

Let us work with your HR Department, marketing, risk management, and your corporate counsel to ensure that your social media policy is one that truly protects you.

Social Media Contests and Promotions

Everyone loves free stuff. And one of the backbones of social engagement is free stuff. Social media contests and social media promotions are one of the best ways to build and maintain an audience in social networks.  Whether you want to reach out to mommy bloggers or be reviewed by the most influential technology bloggers, we can help you manage these engagements. And unlike other firms, we can do so while making sure you are not violating any laws, industry regulations, or terms of service held by each of the social networks.

Social Media Compliance

Most people engage in social media because of the relative low cost of reaching your audience. But what many don’t consider is the unforeseen cost of a mistake in social media.  If not done properly, your social media consultant, marketing agency, or internal team can put your company at risk for things like lawsuits, SEC and FTC fines, profile shutdown, and more.

In addition to social media regulation that is in effect across many industries (and FTC has standards that apply to almost everyone out there,) there are also dangers born in this age of chatter such as Twitter terrorism, cyber bullying, and corporate sabotage.

Amanda Vega Consulting has been working in the social media space for well over 10 years now. At the same time, we have always had a compliance team to help keep clients out of trouble through policy and management. We exercise our industry expertise and stature to ensure that our team is leading evolving regulations instead of following them.

Our team and partners have worked directly in social media compliance, policy, and risk in the following ways and we are happy to help you navigate this ugly side of social media:

  • HIPAA training for major hospital groups and physician practice groups
  • FDA submission of proposed regulation - we help drive the solution, not wait to be told what the pitfalls will be
  • SEC - two of our team has held Series 7 and 63 licenses, and we worked with the SEC on compliance issues, proposed regulation that made sense, and auditing of messages for compliance. We are experts in social media for publicly traded companies
  • FTC - we’ve been in compliance with these new regulations for years - trust us, the UK is MUCH tougher than US
  • Social media policy creation for multiple companies of all sizes: it’s not about shutting it down, it’s about making sensible decisions
  • Social media internal threat and risk assessment - tied into annual risk assessment and auditable units (ERM and Internal Audits)