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Amanda Vega Consulting can be described in many different ways depending on which of our customers or competitors you ask. Essentially we are consultants that specialize in communication. Whether you need public relations, social media, compliance, or a number of smart online marketing activities we are the ones behind the scenes giving thoughtful impact to the way you communicate with profitable customers and potential buyers.

Here are some of the facts that make us a bit different and keep our clients happy for years: our experience

Our approach is a bit different than most firms, but it comes with tremendous results. Would you rather have fancy foam board presentations or more revenue? At the end of the day, we service clients directly in the areas of public relations, social media (including HIPAA, FDA, FTC, FINRA, IRB compliance) and online marketing. We don’t lead with pretty pictures, but we do work with compelling words that change how others see your brand.

We believe there are advantages to our various locations coupled with the high pedigrees of our core team. And we believe that our business model is the wave of the future. We hire experts for each project, and they work with the core team to give our clients the best of breed every time. Staying power matters since successful businesses survive and thrive in tumultuous times. Our results prove there is value to having been here longer than most. Twenty years in the interactive world is no joke, and it comes with a lot of knowledge and a lot of influence. So, come check it out. Read more here and on the blog. We welcome your banter and your partnership, and we even applaud your dissent.